Car Detailing Lodi NJ. Our mobile carwash service makes car cleaning a hassle-free experience for you. We understand the importance of keeping your car clean and presentable, but we also know that life can get busy. That’s why we bring the carwash to you. With just a phone call or online booking, our team of expert technicians will arrive at your preferred location with all the necessary equipment to provide a comprehensive cleaning service for your vehicle

car detailing Fairfield nj
car detailing Fairfield nj
$ 45.00

/ up to $60

Whipwashers in New Jersey provides professional exterior detailing for all types of vehicles, including motorcycles. Their service is thorough, covering all exterior aspects of a vehicle, including wheels, tires, windows, and mirrors. Options such as paint restoration and ceramic coating are available to leave vehicles looking brand new. Whip Washers helps to manage environmental dirt and grime to ensure that vehicles stay stunning on the road.

exterior car detailing lodi nj
exterior car detailing lodi nj
$ 199.99

starting at $199.99 depending on size

Interior Detailing by Whip Washers Mobile Detailing will have your interior feeling and smelling like the day your car drove off the lot. We can get out odors, stains, garbage, and everything in between (LITERALLY). Book an appointment today. We come to you! 

interior car detailing lodi nj
interior car detailing lodi nj

Garbage RemovalVacuuming
Deep CleaningSteam Cleaning
Shampooing / Extraction
Interior Dressing / Fabric Protector

$ 199.99

/ SUVs $225, Oversized Vehicle $250+

Why spend money on new headlights when we can do our Headlight Restoration service for a fraction of the cost? With this service, your headlights will look like they did out of the factory. Clean and clear headlights not only make your vehicle look better, it also provides safety while driving at night

headlight restoration lodi nj
headlight restoration lodi nj

Wet Sand /
buffing headlamps and polishing.
Protective Coat /
stays clear & protected 

$ 75.00

Flat Rate

Looking for the best protection for your vehicle’s Paint? Whip Washers Mobile Detailing offers professional ceramic coatings in New Jersey for cars, trucks, SUVs, and boats. The benefits of a Ceramic coating are that it provides protection from UV rays, oxidation, acid rain, minor blemishes, and other contaminants including fallout. The coating bonds to the clear coat to create a hydrophobic surface that gives the paint an extra layer of protection from damage and repels water and dust from the surface. Putting a Ceramic Coating makes the car extremely easy to clean and helps maintain a flawless shiny finish for many years to come.

ceramic coating lodi nj
ceramic coating lodi nj

Full Exterior Detail
Clay Bar Treatment
2-Step Paint
Correction / Surface Coating 

  • Varies on size of vehicle
$ 1,499.00

/ up to large $1,699

A clean engine compartment makes any car look newer and well-maintained. Certain shops that perform Engine Detailing Services claim that a clean engine can run cooler by removing the gunk that traps in the heat. Call us and we’ll show you how we professionally detail an engine.

engine bay detailing lodi nj
engine bay detailing lodi nj

Handwash /
treatment and steam clean
Wipe down /
protective and shiny coating.

(Level of shine can be adjusted)

$ 75.00

Paint Correction is essentially leveling the clear coat. Paint Correction is the process of removing surface scratches, swirl marks, hazing, marring, and other imperfections in the paint.

paint correction lodi nj
paint correction lodi nj

1-Step Paint Correction
removes minor oxidation
small scratches, and or
removes swirls

$ 400.00

/ to $600.00

2-Step Paint Correction
removes all scratches
oxidation and swirl marks
& any flaws on clear coat

$ 600.00

/ to $1000.00

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