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Ceramic Coat NJ

Ceramic Coatings NJ

Are you Looking for Premium Ceramic Coatings in New Jersey? We Are NJ's #1 Ceramic Coating Installers. Call us to get a free Ceramic Coating quote. 

Ceramic Coatings NJ

Ceramic Coating for cars NJ

Looking for the best protection for your vehicle’s Paint? Whip Washers Mobile Detailing offers professional ceramic coatings in New Jersey for cars, trucks, SUVs, and boats. The benefits of a Ceramic coating are that it provides protection from UV rays, oxidation, acid rain, minor blemishes, and other contaminants including fallout. The coating bonds to the clear coat to create a hydrophobic surface that gives the paint an extra layer of protection from damage and repels water and dust from the surface. Putting a Ceramic Coating makes the car extremely easy to clean and helps maintain a flawless shiny finish for many years to come. 

Benefits of a Ceramic Coat

Benefits of a Ceramic Coating

  • Protects Your Paint

  • Keeps Your Car Cleaner

  • Lasts Longer Than Other Paint Protection Methods

  • Cost Effective

  • Looks Great

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Ceramic Coat Cost

Ceramic Coat Cost ~ The cost of a Ceramic Coating is dependent on the size of the vehicle.

What's Included ~ Full Exterior Detail , Clay Bar Treatment, 2-Step Paint Correction and all the painted and plastic surfaces coated.

>Small Vehicle $999 
>Medium Sized Vehicle $1199 - $1499
>Large Vehicle / Pickup Trucks $1499 - $1699

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